she's come undone

So the "blogosphere" is pretty much having a fit over the 50th anniversary issue of Australian Vogue, and in particular this editorial, and I must agree: Yes, it is a nice editorial. Yes, there are lots of boobies for a Vogue that is not Paris. Yes, they inconsistently photoshopped out some piercings...

But has anyone else noticed that these two are actually some exquisite mermaids? Catherine is all fishy and scaly in her sequin leggings and blazer and Abbey has on lacy pants that, with only a little imagination, are actually made of tangled up seaweed. The long, tangled, windblown hair. The rough-and-tumble, choppy, grey waves. It's a modern Waterhouse, no? I el-oh-vee-ee it.

Catherine McNeil and Abbey Lee in Australian Vogue, shot by Greg Kadel (via frockwriter)

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