Del rigor en la ciencia, Borges

... En aquel Imperio, el Arte de la Cartografía logró tal Perfección que el mapa de una sola Provincia ocupaba toda una Ciudad, y el mapa del Imperio, toda una Provincia. Con el tiempo, esos Mapas Desmesurados no satisfacieron y los Colegios de Cartógrafos levantaron un Mapa del Imperio, que tenía el tamaño del Imperio y coincidía puntualmente con él. Menos Adictas al Estudio de la Cartografía, las Generaciones Siguientes entendieron que ese dilatado Mapa era Inútil y no sin Impiedad lo entregaron a las Inclemencias del Sol y de los Inviernos. En los desiertos del Oeste perduran despedazadas Ruinas del Mapa, habitadas por Animales y por Mendigos; en todo el País no hay otra reliquia de las Disciplinas Geográficas.

-Suárez Miranda: Viajes de varones prudentes,
Libro Cuarto, Cap. XLV, Lérida, 1658

And now, in English:

... In that Empire, the Art of Cartography reached such Perfection that the map of a single Province occupied all of a City, and the map of the Empire, all of a Province. With time, these Disproportionate Maps were not satisfiable and the Colleges of Cartographers drew up a Map of the Empire that was the size of the Empire and coincided point for point with it. Less Addicts of the Study of Cartography, the Following Generations understood that this extensive Map was Useless and without Impiety they handed it over to the Inclemencies of the Sun and of the Winters. In the deserts of the West torn Ruins of the Map persist, inhabited by Animals and Beggars; in all of the Country there are no other relics of the Geographical Discipline.


Some editorials I have recently known and loved

Obviously I am a fan of the simple black and white, but then add into the mix that totally iridescent peachy nude of her skin! I can't deal with it. I also am really craving a fringe-tastic dress, and some sparkle-beaded hotpants. Which I would obviously see fit to accesorize with... my birthday suit!

photos by Harper's Bazar UK, and thanks for the scans Kanye!

Next up: Miss Poly in V Magazine!

See! Again with the fringe!

photos from Venus Envy by Willy Vanderperre


Whoa I need this Hat

I'm clearly headed towards insanity one way or another so I think I should get a head start with a good old fashioned Crazy-Lady Hat. I can add the cats and glasses and fur coat later.

It was hard to choose which of all the crazies to pick out, but I think this one won (hey! words that are the same sounding, but different meaning next to each other) me over in the end with its sheer size and those crazy jutting angles, which I think I might like because they subconsciously remind me of home.

So... you're welcome. I know you've been looking for a kooky present to buy me for no good reason. One that has to be shipped from England and is probably packaged really awesome. And I've just done the hard part for you. Now you just have to buy it for me. Yup, you. I'll act surprised. I promise.

pictures and Hat too, all from Tour De Force


Oh Omahyra

It's been a while since I've seen Ms. Mota around and I was so happy to see her as I flipped through Jasmine de Milo's Fall 2009 collection. As far as the collection goes, for the most part it was pretty slinky, dominated by the sartorial favorite: black, and presented in this crazy pastel room that looked better suited for the Balenciaga show, but I think I actually liked the wierd contrast of it all.

But most importantly Omahyra was one of the models for the presentation - and I love her. It started young... I remember she was in a Rocawear advert when I was probably 13, and even though I have never owned anything by Rocawear, nor desired to, I kept her right above my lightswitch for the longest time. I think she is absolutely stunning - clearly in an "unconventional way" but whoa, I would be her any day. Also, she has crazy badass tattoos everywhere, that probably keep her off many of the runways, and so I am so glad that she was actually chosen for this show.

Apparently I've got models on the mind lately. But anyway, in addition to featuring Omahyra, these two looks are pretty sweeeeet!

Hi LBD - You look comfortable, and like you might not be heinous on me. I know you are simple, but I love you anyway.

Oh hey sequin body suit with sequin ruffle front! Glad you came too. Yeah of course I would like to be the talk of the town. Thanks for asking.

Pics from style.com


I want to be Cathy Horyn

Because then this would be my life.

Yes I know their names / Model-Morphosis

One of my favorite features every season is the Model-morphosis on the The Moment, the fashion and design blog of the NY Times (yes, I know I am one big terrible, ongoing advert for the newspaper). So fun to see how malleable some of these girls are. The new feature where you can see the girls before and after makeup is particularly inspiring as someone who loves to play around with makeup and wishes there were excuses for fake lashes and wine-stained lips every day!

And here's Karlie at Lanvin, because I love her and Alber loves her too!

from Style.com


Oh hey guys, let's put the spaceage-ey clothes against a barren landscape. Nobody's ever done that, right?

So you know how I feel about the location for this shoot, but that doesn't really take away from how much I like the clothes.

I definitely need these foil balloon pants.

Who doesn't need tights that are pants that are also shoes? Thanks Balenciaga, you have fulfilled my every wish.

The Lion King + sequins galore = My dreams

From Elle March 2009, found over at Karla's Closet


this is not my thesis


3.1 Phillip Lim

Rick Owens

Anne Valerie Hash

all pictures from Luisa Via Roma

nouvelle vague and old movies

are they doing some strange french version of the electric slide, or is it just me?

this one is pretty good too:


Sunday afternoon

This picture does no justice to how cold it actually was outside. After fancy brunch up in Tarrytown, my friend espied this dress in my closet and insisted we put together an outfit for a foto-foto! I didn't actually wear this all day, because the dress is a bit immobilizing, but I think once it gets a little warmer, I just might don it for more than five minutes. I might have to try pinning the skirt up underneath for a fun, fluffy, shorter length - but I actually really like this sorta weird ankle length.

self-made scarf, vintage Laura Ashley Dress, H&M tights, GoJane shoes, friend's bracelets, broken vintage watch

Then I took a picture of my super-awesome friend who styled the above outfit with me! She absolutely always has on the best outfits, and always makes me look better, take chances, and step out of my comfort zone. She is moving to a farm, so for a little I was lamenting that all her good style was going to go to waste, but then I just realized she is gonna wear awesome farm outfits.

I too have an octopus obsession... but am also partial to lobsters

So Judy (over at Atlantis Home) lives in Texas, apparently grew up in Alaska, and is an all around pretty neat person. She says she was interviewed about her cephalopod love, the octopus. Her bracelet by Antonio Palladino really is marvelous. Which, after reading the Surrealist manifesto, and thinking about their use of the word, I am using to mean "inspires marvel," not "Oh Daaahling, that is absolutely maaaahvelous." Said bracelet is also highly covetable. But seeing as I lack the spare change ($4,195!!!!!!) to purchase my own, I will instead hopefully one day settle with these babies, found here:

AWESOME RIGHT!? Possibly super creepy, but that makes them even better. Anyway, sorry about how this post has been so link-errific. It's the kind that would make me waste a lot of time because I would end up spending at least half an hour with each of the links. And this is why I never do any of my work.

jackets, clutch, boy, undies and hay, postcard

From The Sartorialist himself, bringing you the classic black on black on black. Why do I like this? Well because it looks good (obvio), because I think I could maybe pull it off with stuff I already have in my closet, and because it really is a nice photo... with the grey, black, offwhite thing going on.

Another good one from The Sartorialist. This one is total inspiration. My friend told me I need to get a clutch like that so I stop killing my back with the terribly large and sometimes uncomfortable totes I insist on carrying around. But let's also take note of her cozy scarf, her pants and the way they gather in and up at the ankles, and that wonderful blanket-ish coat.

From a photo piece in the NY Times on Carnevale in Venice. If one ever needed a reason to go to Venice, I believe that this young man just made the case for you.

Um this is pretty much everything I will never be, but I love her anyway.

PostSecret makes me feel sad sometimes, and sometimes laugh, and sometimes a little angry, but I read it every week anyway. This one appealed to my love of minimalism, typewriters (or at least typewriter styled font), and appropriate obscenity, as well as that romantic that likes to hide deep inside and pretend not to exist.