no no you guys, she really is the king!

the proof is in the pudding:

Balloon Fairy

Something is not right. Something has gone wrong!

She's all smurf-like! Also, I would totally die for this Chloe blouse, thereby rendering it totally useless. I would say you could bury me in it, but I def want to be cremated!

I like to pretend I'm all smart, and say, "Yes, this is very evocative of Magritte."

Take that, Ms. Lezark! (I mean, okay, she did wear this out in public, which gets you major points, but.... I guess I'm just biased?)

This one is also kinda Magritte!!! And The Handmaid's Tale but I've been feeling that in a lot of editorials lately, so maybe I am projecting my own feminist dystopian beliefs into everything...

I guess this one reminds me a little bit of Princess Mononoke and her animal pelts. i would totally love this lapel/collar though. AND HER HAIR. thanks.

guess i must be craving me some me some Miyazaki, because now she looks like Wizard Howl (from Howl's Moving Castle, of course).

trash-plant hat? weeeeellll.. OK.

THIS is what I am talking about people. Trompe l'oeil toes, endless nude transparent layers, and flower mouth cork!

Infamous "diaper" skirt? Check. Booties evolved from boot/tights? Check. Space knit shirt? 2nd grade collage technique? Check. This is how you create beauty people. But seriously, the brick cut-out against the rock layers is all Labyrinth-trippy and at first it was hard for me to see the depth of one on top of the other, and it just blended all perfectly together, and was perfectly flat. Just me? Probably.

More trippy collage, Lilu/Milla hair, and so many angles!

Palm fronds for a seat. Orchid leaves for some epaulettes, and of course, that light is totally the first half of what my imaginary time-lapse, neon-light gesture drawing would look like.


Kinga Rajzak by Viviane Sassen in Pop Fall/Winter 2009


kinga is the king!

hurray for robots!

maybe if a saint got all ghetto fab and added a bunch of pyramids and some attitude to her outfit this is what she would look like!

sparkles! shadows! lighting ombre! crystal bangs?


can one get married in drop crotch harem pants? if so, YES PLEASE

kinga rajzak by mark pillai for 10 in "couture report"

linda cholita