Sick of dressing like a human when I'm feeling like a leopard

Sometimes I take photos with the sub-par quality camera on my near-ancient blackberry. Here are a couple from the past few months. They are fairly representative of how I live my life and what interests me.

1. Some graffiti on the way to the J train stop at Bowery.
2. Jelly belly flavored soda at the Bodega right off the Marcy stop.
3. One Sunday, I decided to learn how to make roses out of icing.
4. Didn't end up buying Lulu soda in Sunset Park - I got two Squirt sodas instead.
5. Not only does my camera take grainy photos, it takes photos when I don't want it to because it works  so slowly. But sometimes the colors from fast photos of my fingers, the ground, my pocket, etc., are pretty!
6. Amateur braiding practice is a great way to pass the time while cookies bake.
7. I think this is on Rivington, just off of Bowery. If I ever need to know where to go for BOO, I can just remember this photo.
8. Kittens at the animal hospital around the corner from my apartment. I go in sometimes just to hang out and say hey to whoever is there.
9. Saw Revenge of the Electric Car in Chicago, and couldn't leave without taking a picture of this AMAZING old poster. Sick graphic design and fairly-tales?!
10. Gus Gus may as well be my dopplegรคnger. Now I have him in miniature to carry with me wherever I go.
11. Sunsets in Colorado always kill it! Taken just before the car wash on the corner before you turn left to go to my house.
12. See # 6.
13. A Laurence Weiner on the side of the Denver Art Museum.
14. Clyfford Still Museum in Denver: "Still" one of my favorite abstract expressionists.
15. Was Miuccia looking at Clyfford's sketches of his wife when she designed Miu Miu's Fall/Winter 2011?


dashwood books

"El Hoyo Maravilla" by Janette Beckmann

"Color'd" by Jim Mangan

"Back to Mystery City" by Andreas Laszlo Konrarth

These are each photos from mini-photograph books (like a super high class zine) from David Strettell, the owner of Dashwood Books. Aren't they nice?

via t magazine


side parts and pastels, dirt roads and old chairs

2 & 4: Giedre Dukauskaite by Jane McLeish Kelsey for Lula // #10 Fall/Winter 2011 Rackk and Ruin
1 & 2: Guinevere Van Seenus by Josh Olins for Vogue Nippon // January 2011 Rackk and Ruin
5: Guinevere slow motion crawl