Mulleavy Sister Questionnaire

Favorite play? Time Flies by David Ives

What was your first love? I had a plastic polar bear that was very near and dear to my heart.

Favorite language? Portuguese

Who is your most loved character in literature? Matilda, Katniss, Peter Pan, Mary Lennox, Holden, Scout Finch, Pooh

Favorite room? The Attic

Favorite place to read a book? A large chair in which I can curl up my legs

Favorite place in NY? My bed or going somewhere on the subway

Favorite color? Green


Favorite thing to collect? Correspondence

Favorite mystery? Stonehenge and Easter Island

Favorite flower? Peony

Favorite sea creature? Octopus

Favorite smell? The smell of our sweet wax santa ornament

If I gave you a medal right now, what would it be for? Best Christmas Tree Carrier

Favorite texture? Glitter

Favorite flavor? Cinnamon

What’s the first thing you think of when I say red? Orange

Night or day? Day

Favorite villain? Doña Sebastiana

Favorite silent film star? Don't have one

Favorite artist? Jenny Holzer

Molly Ringwald or Ally Sheedy? Molly Ringwald

C.S. Lewis or Freud? Freud

Tents or motels? Motels

Favorite musical instrument? Cello

Thunder or lightning? Lightning

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Wine or beer? Wine

Lemon or lime? Lime

Monday or Friday? WHAT?! FRIDAY

February or December? December

Christmas or Halloween? Christmas

Rosemary’s Baby or Hannah and Her Sisters? Scary

J.D. Salinger or Jack Kerouac? Salinger

Hats or scarves? Scarves

Julie Christie or Vanessa Redgrave? Vanessa Redgrave

Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor? Audrey Hepburn

Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart? Cary Grant

Las Vegas or Atlantic City? Las Vegas

Rain or sun? Sun

Spiderman or Superman? Batman

Cats or dogs? Cats

Ice cream or sorbet? Ice cream

Beatles or Rolling Stones? Rolling Stones

Favorite fun fair ride of all time? Burlap sack slide

Favorite sidekick? Kronk

What are the initials of the last person you kissed? CT

What characteristics do you most envy in others? Willpower

If you could fly, where is the first place you would go? Home

Have you ever won a medal or a prize–if so, what? Small things for sports and piano when I was younger

What is your secret dream? Secrets must be kept secret, but also to run away with the circus

Favorite season? Spring

What is your greatest love? My family

Favorite currency? Bartering

Favorite city? Buenos Aires

Favorite imaginary place? Outer Space

Favorite planet? Saturn

Favorite children’s book? Please see my walk-in closet at home for too many titles to even remember.

Favorite candy? anything gummy but not the cola bottles

Favorite name [and it cannot be your own]? Tess