Old Love / New Love... Grand Theft Auto 5?

I knew that one day there would be a reason that I cared about video games, or rather, that I wished I cared about video games because in not caring, I am missing out on something. That day has finally come and it was today. Twin Shadow released a new song on (with? through?) Grand Theft Auto 5 and it is SO GOOD. I didn't even know that Grand Theft had music - like how is it incorporated into the game? Is it just background? Is it like bumping out of the speakers as you cruise around running old ladies over? Is that even what you do in the game? That is 100% my perception and understanding of the game. But I digress... I love this jam.


Bravado FFFRRANNNO Remix

Getting into remixes is a downward spiral, you guys. There are SO MANY. Also, thanks to Stereogum for writing an article about the new (maybe not so new...) synthetic sound and what I have been noticing more and more in my own Spotify listening preferences, as evidenced here and here.

But, I do love this remix of Lorde's Bravado. It's got a real Purity Ring vibe to it that I would like to sprinkle all over everything right now. Also, can her whole album come out now yet?


You choose yr sink-hole.

There's a whirling in yr brain, but inside every; whirling is a quiet, after the howl undoes itself. You can keep sliding down its spirals or you can sniff out the still spot and put yr toe in it & let it suck you in. Either one, loving or not; loving is a sucking in,. You choose yr sink-hole. knowing that always there will be more Whirlings & more absences stuck to those fragrant ribs.

- Baba Yaga