contemporary poetry

Ladies be writing poetry, you guys! And I am feeling it. Just two little snippets that I've run across in the past few months that, at the moment, spoke to me.

They spoke to me enough in the first case to take a screenshot of the poem on my phone because it was posted on facebook without a link (but really what is the world coming to - screenshots?), and in the second case, after absentmindedly reading it on my Feedly (RIP Google Reader) and then realizing hours later it was still floating around in my brain, I had to do random Google searches (like I said, RIP Reader: Feedly does not have a search function?!?!?!?) with key words that I remembered, like "Gonzalez poetry beautiful Rumpus" or maybe I tried Paris Review because it could have been that too? Honestly don't know how I found it again, but that's the magic of the Google machine.

Reading them right now, it's not like, HEY I AM FEELING THESE SAME FEELINGS AHORA MISMA, but more like: Hey, I have felt these feelings, and way to get them totally right.

I had been sad for so long that it shocked me,
by Ruth L. Schwartz

the enormous yellow moon
balanced like a honeydew

on the hill's knife-edge,
fat and implacable.

It wavered there as long as it could,
then started - and who can blame it - 

its slow slide.
As if it meant to show me what was missing.

As if the world were asking, Will you learn
to stand beside this pain?

No, I said,
I wish it dead.

I said no. But the world
said yes. 

(via The Sun)

untitled 5
by Mira Gonzalez

I am looking at people who are dancing and touching each other
I am drinking vodka with ice and feeling incredibly fucked
I wonder if anyone feels more lonely now than they felt an hour ago
when they were alone in their rooms looking at things on the internet

(via The Rumpus)


summer nights

The Sartorialist captured these two lovely ladies in Florence and they look just how I would like to look and be this summer: comfortable, happy, relaxed, and beautiful.


Eduardo Sarabia: Tainted

I was hanging out at the MCA Denver a few weeks ago for their Summer Camp Orientation night and stumbled upon their Eduardo Sarabia gallery on the first floor, and holy yes, am I glad that I did.

If I had money money money (sing it, duh), you had better believe that I would be hanging one of these babies in my future home. These were some of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. The technical facility this guy has with oil paint is like yikes. It's one thing to paint a photorealistic painting of a person or a landscape, but to then paint splotches of paint that are giant and on top of said photorealistic painting and are also photorealistic? CRAZYTOWN. It looks like he was absentmindedly using old photos as palettes to mix his colors and then was like wait, these are gorgeous and decided to paint the mini-palettes, photo and paint daubs and all, instead. It was great. If you ever have a chance to see his paintings, or even better, buy his paintings, do it!