map addict

"a magnificent scheme concocted"

"history's logic and anarchy paired with my own obsessive nature"

"old walls with rough, uneven surfaces"

"four great prototypes. alas"

all by Florent Morellet


Christmas Ornament

from Yokoo

She makes some awesome scarves, yo. And one of her posts has a skirt for which I would die. (I just typed: that I would die for... and then was like, I hate ending sentences with prepositions?! So I retyped it. Nerd? Yes. Nerd that is terrible at grammar, so much so that she is making crazy assumptions about grammar, that are probably still wrong, and phrased wrong with prepositions and adverbs and everything else everywhere else..... YES)

She (Yokoo, in case you forgot because my tangential thoughts are too long and distracting) also posted this beautiful picture that reminded me of one my favorite ornaments on the Christmas trees of my childhood. She (the ornament) was clear plastic, or "crystal" as I like to remember, and really, in my top five ornaments that I busted out, front and center, every year.

You see, my sister was graceful and a dancer and awesome and perfect (and still is), and so I refused to take dance class too because I was like, whatever, that's her thing (this is a weird sibling thing I think) but secretly thought that it was the most beautiful, and am now sad (wistful?) that I didn't follow in her footsteps.

Moral of the story: this.


ms. miroslava

Girl Groups, Rockabilly and Subcultures

So these are more than a little reminiscent of the 5 6 7 8's (best known from their Kill Bill appearance) but re-imagined (apparently) here in the latest V Magazine (by Josh Olins) and are really playing into my always obsession with subcultures, and more specifically, nostalgic subcultures that simplify and glamourize something that I will never experience first hand, but like to imagine.

This video I recently discovered (despite being ancient in internet years) gives me the same feeling.

I've always said if I was going to join a subculture and go all the way it would be rockabilly....