Shake The Dust

Yes, this is for you. This is for me. This is for those days, for every day, for today.


vice quotes #9

"Maybe it's not the city you live in or the people you're hanging out with that are making your life so mind-boringly lame. Maybe it's just the lack of forts."


I'm His Girl

Late to the party on this one, but you guys, I have a new favorite song/album/band! They're called Friends and they're awesome!


Same Mistakes

Thanks, Girls, for introducing me to the song that most succinctly describes my life up to this moment!


Greatness Is For All of Us

There are no grand celebrations here. No speeches. No bright lights. But there are great athletes. Somehow we've come to believe that greatness is reserved for the chosen few, for the superstars. The truth is, greatness is for all of us. This is not about lowering expectations. It's about raising them for every last one of us. Because greatness is not in one special place. And it is not in one special person. Greatness is wherever somebody is trying to find it. #findgreatness


All Summer Long

So if we're not going to be "crazy busy" all the time anymore, after reading Tim Kreider's article, what are we going to do?! Oh right, have a Calm Down Party, ALL SUMMER LONG. I'll wear my vader visor and sequins if you bring a sandwich.

(I forget where I found this gem, but I'm pretty sure it's by my favorite, Nathaniel Russell.)


An Argument for Idleness

"Busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness; obviously your life cannot possibly be silly or trivial or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the day."

The 'Busy' Trap


Nana Vera

My nana, Vera, would have loved this outfit. Comfy and coordinated. Her jewels are gorgeous and show her care. She is just precious. I hope I have this much style and confidence when I'm her age - just like my nana!


Hiking in Sequins

Carbondale, Basalt, Silver Plume, Aspen, Glenwood Springs: just got back from a few days enjoying the big sky, fresh air, red earth, green trees and beautiful mountains of my youth. And I have to say - I cannot wait to go hiking in sequins. I'll put on my baseball cap over my unwashed hair, but I'll still be showing my flair. It's who I am: impractically practical.

(via Rackk and Ruin)


Shalom Harlow is Cool

She's been around for a while, knows how to have fun, and is stupid beautiful. She's just cool. End of story.


dream collection: stella mccartney resort 2013

I can only hope that this is what the future looks like. That this is what I will be wearing in 2013. Because it is great. Let's all take note of the lack of the color black in my sartorial tendencies.... who have I become?


vice quotes #8

"When nerds gave up pocket protectors and became greasy metalheads we picked up their glasses and went, “Hey, these are awesome!” Now the nerds are pissed (cue Nelson Muntz)."


modern girl

Happy makes me a modern girl...

Hunger makes me a modern girl...

Anger makes me a modern girl...

My whole life was like a picture of a sunny day.

- Sleater-Kinney


only ever fantasies

Maybe to eulogize an experience is to kill it. Or maybe the romance of time and a place can only exist in the aestheticized telling of it just as the better versions of ourselves are only ever fantasies. - Rhona Cleary


Inspirational Message:

I have had this saved in my drafts of unpublished posts for a while but was waiting for the right time to publish, a day when I really needed it. I know I will need it again one day, so don't be surprised if you see it again, sooner rather than later. But I need this today:

When you think you just can't, you just can. Nathaniel Russell... again. 

(image via Cheap & Plastique)

floating up above

(via the blonde coyote)


"are you somnambulant?"

Style, I think, is panache. Who are you? What did you do today? And what are you worth to me? What do you have to offer the world? How did you spend your time today on this planet? How are you spending your time every second? What are you doing now? Are you alive, or are you somnambulant? If you are somnambulant, then you are a fucking prick. Style is your ability to be awake. But who the fuck am I to judge? I'm starting to get really arrogant. - Tom Hardy

(via GQ)