i'll be there

one day, you and I, let's build a house. I mean just a structure like a treehouse. cabin room place. out of wood I would think. we can build that. and then sit in it. hang out in it. like, I'll decide to go hang out there and open its door and you'll already be there, lying on your back reading, so I'll just join you. - lpr


youth culture in post-soviet russia

photos by gosha rubchinskiy

I can't remember where I first got these photos, but in re-researching Gosha, I've come up with a few choice quotes that I surely didn't find the first time around. Gosha is young - only 25 - but he is a designer, a photographer, an artist, etc. The Times did a little piece on him and I learned about some of his muse's influences are the Bible, Victor Pelevin's novels, orthodoxy, runes, numerology, football, Satanism and shamanism. The article also mentions the "most popular blog for Moscow teenagers" but doesn't link to it?!?!?! Anybody know the blog? I need it! And I like these photos. That's all.


Sick of dressing like a human when I'm feeling like a leopard

Sometimes I take photos with the sub-par quality camera on my near-ancient blackberry. Here are a couple from the past few months. They are fairly representative of how I live my life and what interests me.

1. Some graffiti on the way to the J train stop at Bowery.
2. Jelly belly flavored soda at the Bodega right off the Marcy stop.
3. One Sunday, I decided to learn how to make roses out of icing.
4. Didn't end up buying Lulu soda in Sunset Park - I got two Squirt sodas instead.
5. Not only does my camera take grainy photos, it takes photos when I don't want it to because it works  so slowly. But sometimes the colors from fast photos of my fingers, the ground, my pocket, etc., are pretty!
6. Amateur braiding practice is a great way to pass the time while cookies bake.
7. I think this is on Rivington, just off of Bowery. If I ever need to know where to go for BOO, I can just remember this photo.
8. Kittens at the animal hospital around the corner from my apartment. I go in sometimes just to hang out and say hey to whoever is there.
9. Saw Revenge of the Electric Car in Chicago, and couldn't leave without taking a picture of this AMAZING old poster. Sick graphic design and fairly-tales?!
10. Gus Gus may as well be my dopplegänger. Now I have him in miniature to carry with me wherever I go.
11. Sunsets in Colorado always kill it! Taken just before the car wash on the corner before you turn left to go to my house.
12. See # 6.
13. A Laurence Weiner on the side of the Denver Art Museum.
14. Clyfford Still Museum in Denver: "Still" one of my favorite abstract expressionists.
15. Was Miuccia looking at Clyfford's sketches of his wife when she designed Miu Miu's Fall/Winter 2011?


dashwood books

"El Hoyo Maravilla" by Janette Beckmann

"Color'd" by Jim Mangan

"Back to Mystery City" by Andreas Laszlo Konrarth

These are each photos from mini-photograph books (like a super high class zine) from David Strettell, the owner of Dashwood Books. Aren't they nice?

via t magazine


side parts and pastels, dirt roads and old chairs

2 & 4: Giedre Dukauskaite by Jane McLeish Kelsey for Lula // #10 Fall/Winter 2011 Rackk and Ruin
1 & 2: Guinevere Van Seenus by Josh Olins for Vogue Nippon // January 2011 Rackk and Ruin
5: Guinevere slow motion crawl


trick or treat

Happy Halloween!! 

A little black and orange from Catherine Opie X Rodarte

(via cat party)




I know you need to find what you thought you left behind in a past life

I won't question why the only light that you have, you give away

She feels like, a stranger has come in the night,

Stolen her life, and left her with this.

- Man Man



would wear this every day if I could

christy turlington in louis vuitton via slow motion crawl


wig central

Gisele Bundchen by Nino Muñoz for Numero Tokyo // #46 May 2011 via model couture


life without you is like a broken pencil... pointless

that's some belated back to school vibes, for ya...

Gisele Bundchen by Emma Summerton for i-D // Pre-Fall 2011  (via buro 24/7)

snail mail forever

The New York Times Op-Art Section is consistently one of my favorite sections. This gem is by Tucker Nichols.


hard and soft

Maryna Linchuk by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Russia // May 2011 via model couture


A Functional Jumpsuit

Let us not forget that one-pieces have a long history of being useful, for people, working and doing their jobs, and not just for making it awkward for me to go the bathroom. Besides, he's working this look better than I could ever hope.



via katespade

Maybe I'll go as International Klein Blue for Halloween. I just can't seem to get enough of it lately.



I love the layering, the prints, the attitude in that last photo. Also, let's add this to a running list of places that exist only for fashion editorials. What is this, an abandoned, fancy parking garage? An empty construction zone? Why is the light so white?

Joan Smalls by Boo George for New York Times T Style // Fall 2011 via Rackk and Ruin