Relationships, Friendly Fires

If you could have relationships
And end them with a simple hand shake
If you could tear yourself away...

Would you?

(Why yes Friendly Fires, I would. I would give it up when it was time to leave and say my goodbyes.)


studios and friends

another one by my friend Kelvin. we've been having lots of silly fun in the studio of late.


all apologies

sometimes i feel like my life is just one big apology... i'm not sure for what. but that it just isn't good enough and so i'm sorry.


willing and able

So my friend Kelvin from my art class eventually would love to get into commercial fashion photography but we are more in an "art" program that isn't as open to this side of photography. He is trying to build his portfolio on the side and so asked if I would model for him. Now, I am nowhere near the ideal model, coming in at 5'3" and not exactly "lithe", but I am a willing model, so that would just have to do. This is one of our favorite shots from the day, and as I get more, I will try to post some of those too!

vintage shirt, H&M jeans, gojane shoes, Target tights

photo taken by Kelvin X Dumé


In no special order of importance, these are some outfits I would like. 

Balenciaga Jacket (Browns), Balenciaga Trousers (Browns), Nina Ricci Boots (ninaricci.com)

Alexander McQueen Dress (Browns), Miu Miu Pumps (Net-a-Porter)

Balenciaga Jacket, Shirt, Pants (Browns), Sergio Rossi Shoes (Net-a-Porter)

Jil Sander Dress (Browns), Rick Owens Boots (Browns)

Alexander McQueen Jacket and Leggings (Browns), Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes (Browns)


NUDITY! that is my official warning

Dinosaur Comics = My Life

T-Rex: It seems that, despite the "euphemisms" available to them, folks are still discussing feelings in a frank and straightforward manner. Please! You know why our ancestors crawled out of the ocean?

I'm pretty sure it was to avoid these talks.

With that in mind, I now present more "euphemisms" to allow you to get by in society. For example, instead of saying "I feel afraid", you can say "Aw crap! I think I've discovered a weakness in myself." And instead of "I love you!", just say "I have found another weakness; please, excuse me."

Dinosaur Comics - April 17 2009


Let's get some shoes

These make up for the fact that they would probably make my legs look stumpy (because of their ankle-boot-ness) by being nude-colored, which means they might end up making my legs look süper long! Also, my apologies for the probably incorrect use of the umlaut, which I just tried to figure out on Wikipedia, but it directed me towards pages with words like "diaeresis" and "trema" which both sound oddly biological. It also directed me to one of my new favorite words that I can't believe I never knew: tittle. Which is also biological sounding, right? Probably because the first syllable is tit. Anyway, I just wanted you to say super with a French (I think) accent and was maybe also thinking about it in regards to über, which I would use to mean super, even though I don't actually know to what it translates.What a tangent! Back to shoes.

These would probably be hard to walk in. My new thing is no heels unless they are SECURELY fastened to my feet, ie laces, ankle strap, mary-jane strap, strange asymmetrical band (see below). But these are just too beautiful with their little beaked toe and all that swooping action around the ankle. I am swooning for the swooping.

These fit the abovementioned "security" criteria. They are also fucking badass. Nuff said.

Pierre Hardy, Jil Sander and Jil Sander - pics from barneys.com


I wish I had a time machine AKA Kate Moss in W

I wish that I had a time machine for a number of VERY good reasons. Most of them involve undoing things that I have previously said, done or thought. With this time machine however, I would use it, that very same Shame-Undoing Machine, to travel back and buy this issue of W and keep it! Instead of just finding the images online. In my own defense I have had these images for ages. Though I'm not really sure how that is a defense... or what it is in defense of? Oh right! Because I didn't steal them from some other blogger who posted them and then I would basically just be stealing their coolness and trying to pass it off as my own (see all my other posts). So yeah. I am cool?


Long days, of the wrong type

Obviously, today has been one of those days. For many, or perhaps no, good reasons. But then I looked at this editorial by Camilla Åkrans that I had starred in my Google Reader and it brightened everything. It reminded me I can be a Minimalist and Carmen Miranda at the same, happy time. And of course I have always loved Tiiu Kiuk and her many dotted name, echoing that lovely dot of a mole on her face. So let's all pretend that everything will always be seen through a hazy peach filter while we lounge around white stuccoed buildings with large leafed plants in our hair, okay? Deal.

from foto decadent