Is That All There Is

If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing
Let's break out the booze and have a ball
If that's all there is
-Peggy Lee, "Is That All There Is"

camera phone picture of Maurizio Cattelan's Toilet Paper magazine


cats #6

We had two cats that looked just like these when I was a baby. They were named Big Guy and Little Girl.

(image via The Catorialist)


you leave or you stay

Kate Upton does a bunch of brilliantly funny "cartoons" over at Hark, a Vagrant! Some of my favorites include, Velocipede, Brontes, Bowie, and so many more. They're political, historical, literary, cultural... I just love them.

She's not just funny though - as evidenced by the above sketch that is part of "Loss," a piece she did about the death of young man she knew. The whole thing is so poignant, accurate and simple. So very beautiful.

(image via Austin Kleon)


Heavy Light

I'm sleeping under carpet in a closet full of bone
In a body of boiling water
I'm scratching on the surface, I'm blind as can be
I am trace, I am a gesture
     In the heavy, heavy light
They say that I'm a river
They say that I am one
Will I be the last to know?
So beyond the lines of mercy, I'm waiting for my turn
Someday my prince will come
     In the heavy, heavy light
 - "Heavy Light" by Dr. Dog, from Be the Void

Kasia Struss in Numero Tokyo, September 2010 
(image via model couture)


It's all in the sweater...

So the styling in this editorial isn't anything revolutionary, but it is definitely one of those that made me think, hey, I could actually wear some of these outfits, and also perhaps without buying a million new items of clothing. (Of course, that blue sweater in the first picture and the entire outfit in picture four would be very happy in my closet if anyone needs to buy me a present and is wondering what to get. Oh yes, and her hair too please.) Plus, I like that she is wearing a sweater as a top in every photo because that can easily translate to anyone's wardrobe. 

Also - Season Five of Mad Men begins this evening, and so I thought this is an appropriate post. Lara Stone looks like she could probably take down Betty Draper in some sort of We-Wear-Nice-Skirts-and-Are-Cold-as-Ice-Blonde-Ladies competition. Right?

 US Vogue, September 2010
(images via modelcouture)



I've been listening to the new Grimes album on repeat, y'all. Genesis is my favorite song, but it is all so good. The above is not a picture of Grimes. It's actually model Elena Sudakova from the editorial Rainbow Raiders at The Ones2Watch, photographed by Jessie Craig. The point being, Ms. Sudakova's look and hair remind me of Grimes. And I like whatever embroidered goodness is happening on that shirt. 

Here is a video of Grimes. The look she's wearing at 2:50 in the video is my favorite: Pilgrim collar, black headband, box shirt and patterned skirt. 

(image via rackk and ruin)


Pink Pony

These are the Cuadra San Cristobál horse stables, designed by Luis Barragán, in Mexico. Are they the coolest horse stables ever? Sure, why the hell not. 

(images via Remodelista)


My Heart Is an Idiot

I never saw Davy Rothbart's movie, My Heart Is an Idiot, when it came out, but I watched the preview a few times and it seems like a really sweet movie. Even though I don't consider myself a hopeless romantic, I know that I can identify with at most of the things he is saying. Those questions you ask yourself at the beginning, the doubt that comes along slowly, the flutters, the excitement, and the agony. It's been a while since I've felt any of these things, but I can remember, and I think that my heart, too, is an idiot.


a big pile of dust and experience...

Nathaniel Russel made this. He is a cool art guy who posts his stuff on Crooked Arm. In addition to clearly knowing a lot about life, he draws fun animals and shapes, takes pictures of normal but neat things like conceptual bread art, and seems like a boss dude. He has a show coming up that opens on March 24th at Mollusk Surf Shop in San Francisco. Go if you live there! The show is called "Space is a Place" and according to his site, is basically about "the broad theme of SPACE: inner space, outer space, personal space, negative space, infinite space, and our place as humans within all the realms of space." Sounds cool, no? In conclusion, I may like him extra-much because he seems to use the same blogger template as me. And... links are taking over my life, and this post, but they're making this whole thing super colorful, so you're welcome.


the lady who lunches (at seaworld)

This editorial had a few of my favorite items from the runways last season: That sequin Rochas dress, the exquisitely embroidered Proenza Schouler dress, and of course, one of Prada's infamous beaded bodysuits! Don't forget Mr. Dolphin (or Mrs... I'm no expert in these matters) - he (she) is the cherry on what have must have been a super fun editorial for Miss Lindsey Wixon. 

From "Chic in the Heat" in Harper's Bazaar March 2012, photographed by Terry Richardson.

(via modelcouture)


An essential truth...

"It's important to get punched in the face when you're young so that when you grow up you understand that it doesn't hurt that goddamn bad, and so you don't live in fear like a trembling baby any time sometime tries to get real strong with you. This is one of my essential truths."

- Said by Lilah Ringler, close friend/personal hero of "Dr. Queer Medicine Woman" over at Doc Sorrow, where she posted these words of wisdom.


love cats

This is some cray cray styling but you know I can hardly resist anything cat related - check out all those ears!!! Are they made of fake flowers?!? Methinks they are... which means I can smell a craft project for next weekend. Plus there are a few other noteworthy elements in these selected photos, namely: tinsel-future skirts, sparkles and sequins and beading, lots of tulle, beat-up black boots, and the perfect background colors shifting from navy to sapphire to sky to aqua to everything in between. 

Kate Moss, Natalia Vodianova, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Lara Stone from LOVE Spring/Summer 2012 by Mario Testino

(images via model couture)


vice quotes #4

"Recently we’ve noticed girls are wearing everything in the world at the same time. It creates an effect called “partying” and often leads to another thing called "fun night.'"


Leanne Shapton: A Month of Monday Shower Songs

Paintings by Leanne Shapton, published in the New York Times

I love her color palette. It's simultaneously bright and muted and wonderful. I can see these combinations transitioning very nicely to a couch, a wall and a pillow.


bump dressing

What a beautiful future Baby Momma: Valentine Fillol Cordier photographed by Alexei Hay for the March issue of Jalouse. What I wouldn't do for one of those beautiful coats from Prada's S/S 2012 collection. 

(via Buro 24/7)


cozy and bright

I redecorated my room a couple of months ago with many thanks to some pom pom flowers on major sale from Martha Stewart. They've made everything very festive and look impressive despite their total simplicity. I change out what's hanging from the bulldog clips every once in a while depending on how I'm feeling. I recently bought an old DSLR and the aperture/shutter/whatever (I'm learning) happened to be exactly correct to catch exactly the ethereality of the tissue in the afternoon yesterday when I randomly picked up my camera. 


trucks in dry places

The first photo is by Jonathan Levitt from his Grassdoe blog, and is in Chimayo, New Mexico. (We always had a small bottle of dirt from Chimayo in our house, just in case we needed its magical spiritual and healing powers.) He takes lovely spacious and nature-full photos. 

The below photo I took while I was studying abroad. It's on the streets in Humahuaca, which is located in the province of Jujuy in Argentina. They have beautiful striped mountains, chew leaves, and are very, very close to Bolivia. It reminded me of New Mexico and southern Colorado. It was beautiful, and also, I love old trucks!