wah wah watusi

a couple of things about the watusi:
  • it was the "second-most popular dance craze in the 1960s in the United States"
  • it "may be enhanced if one imagines that one's feet are on sand"
  • the dance shares its name with a breed of cattle that boast impressive horns
  • this video of wednesday was literally the only video that a (very cursory) search for actual watusi-dancing produced #i'mlazy
  • it was deemed an "acceptable dance" by the playboy club bunny manual in 1968

"chalked their lightning-flash insignia across rockfaces"

good color daydreaming, watermelons
campfires, stone masters

heads up, oki-ni

get it


Which leaves us where?

"As if the fullness of the soul did not sometimes overflow in the emptiest metaphors, since no one can ever give the exact measure of his needs, nor of his conceptions, nor of his sorrows; And since human speech is like a cracked kettle, on which we hammer out tunes to make bears dance when we long to move the stars."

- Flaubert, Madame Bovary


pull up in your fast car... watchin' all our friends fall

she's made the rounds, somehow i missed it until now, but fantasia, skaters, paparazzi footage, cartoons, doomsday, come together and it's magical... this is on repeat

#1 & #3

karlie by mr. richardson

terry's diary


a superfluous correspondence

My Dear Madame,

I just noticed that I forgot my cane at your house yesterday; Please be good enough to give it to the bearer of this letter.

P.S. Kindly pardon me for disturbing you; I just found my cane.

- Marcel Proust to Princesse Clermote- Tonnerre

Oh, to be forgetful and have bearers of letters. To receive and send such niceties. Thanks to the prodigious Maira Kalman and the chalkboard wall at her Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World) that just closed at the Jewish Museum, where I found this.

tiny rabbits