i'll be there

one day, you and I, let's build a house. I mean just a structure like a treehouse. cabin room place. out of wood I would think. we can build that. and then sit in it. hang out in it. like, I'll decide to go hang out there and open its door and you'll already be there, lying on your back reading, so I'll just join you. - lpr


youth culture in post-soviet russia

photos by gosha rubchinskiy

I can't remember where I first got these photos, but in re-researching Gosha, I've come up with a few choice quotes that I surely didn't find the first time around. Gosha is young - only 25 - but he is a designer, a photographer, an artist, etc. The Times did a little piece on him and I learned about some of his muse's influences are the Bible, Victor Pelevin's novels, orthodoxy, runes, numerology, football, Satanism and shamanism. The article also mentions the "most popular blog for Moscow teenagers" but doesn't link to it?!?!?! Anybody know the blog? I need it! And I like these photos. That's all.