cats #1

So.... I'm all into series now!! But I'm also lazy and never label anything and used to be concerned about posting things that might not be *cool* but then liking cute things and kittens became cool. Or so I am busy convincing myself. So because of the lack of labels (this one would be #cats #hugs #catshugging) and because I also can't be bothered to go through my archives (even though I only have like a dozen previous posts) I don't know if I have posted many cat things before! Well get ready for this roller coaster -  a cat roller coaster! Oh, if only that were not only a figment of my imagination...


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vice quotes #1

"New York fashion people are fine and everything but they’re preaching to the converted. It’s the suburban weirdos that really matter. They’re the missionaries of the Retro Versace Thug Movement."


a vice quotes series

I used to read Vice Do's & Don'ts a lot. The don'ts were always a bit too vulgar for me, and I thought maybe it was just because I wasn't cool - even if most of the time they totally had a point. The do's were usually pretty amusing and I tried to pick up some tips on how I could be cool.

Every once in a while they imparted some actual wisdom that made me happy, smile, think or laugh. I saved my favorites in a sticky note on my desktop for the past forever, never quite sure what I was going to do with them.

Now I've decided to share them! Genius, I know. I'm sure if you Google the quote, you can find the picture originally associated with each one, but I like them just they way they are: words.

Vice Quotes starts tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled!



This one, Body by Kloss, caused quite the hullabaloo when it came out years ago in the December 2011 Vogue Italia. Karlie, totally nude? Never, we all thought! But she is growing up and letting the world know. Stephen Meisel caught the whole thing on camera, Franca Sozzani put it up on the web, and the internets went wild. I'm biased, so I'm sure you know what I think: Kloss is Hoss. Hey, if Taylor Swift still wants to bake cookies with you, you can't have shed your girl-next-door image entirely, right?

(images via fashiongonerogue.com)


the moses bridge

A bridge in the Netherlands that leads to a 17th century dutch fort. Sunken below water level, it parts the waters for those who cross it. 

(images via inhabitat.com)



I wrote my thesis in college on the golden clouds found in folding screen paintings from Mexico, what was then New Spain, during the 16th and 17th centuries. I know. Talk about esoteric, but it totally made sense at the time. I was into Japanese art, regular art, writing in Spanish, talking and thinking in Spanish, blah, blah, academics, blah, blah and I put all those things together to come up with something that I was actually super proud of at the end of the day! 

Anyway, this is also to say that I tried to do a bunch of research about clouds and their place in art history. I tried -- I tried so hard -- to read and understand, Hubert Damisch's book A Theory of /cloud/ and it is brilliant. Read it I did, but I definitely did not understand it. Most likely because my background was less in actual art history and more in art... and so the ideas of semiotics and dialectics within painting were all a bit over my head. Even trying to read a summary of what it means at AnOther  his point escapes me. And so, the book sits on my bookshelf (okay, in my suitcase under my bed where I keep all my books since there is no room for a bookcase in my room), waiting for me to pick it up again one day and delve further, with more patience, and perhaps a good dictionary.

Either way, I spent a lot of time looking at clouds and thinking about them and what they might mean or signify or allude to. And I love them all, but some can really be particularly exquisite and out of the ordinary. Which finally brings me to these beautiful specimens: undulatus asperatus. They look like snow banks, or milk drifting through coffee. Aren't they empyreal? 


this is my life

by Esther C. Werdiger

Esther writes and draws these comics for The Hairpin every week. I love her for putting into words and drawings how I feel all the time. Ditto for most people on The Hairpin actually. But anyway, this comic hit particularly close to home as I had pretty much this exact conversation with myself this morning while I was "running", except it was about the cute boy I saw walking his dog in the park, and you can replace "dumb hat" with "dumb shoes." UGH.