"The Globe Shrinks" Barbara Kruger

"The Globe Shrinks", a multi-channel video installation by Barbara Kruger

I like what this says. I'm pretty sure it's not representative of the work as a whole, since Linda Yablonsky writes on
The Moment, "Kruger's perfect calibration of life's crueler ironies performs a kind of miracle, allowing the blind to see all," and while I can see where it's going, that's not what I'm getting from this photo. I wish I had seen the original - wishing I had sat in the dark, closing my eyes, away from it all, for a moment!

I've always like art that literally addresses the viewer, text as art basically. Reminds me a bit of Jenny Holzer, different messages and intents obviously, but nonetheless, here's one of my favorites that's from the MoMA collection I believe.

funny how fallin' feels like flyin' for a little while

A while ago the New York Times did an article about the joys of sitting in the window seat on an airplane. Your elbow never gets bumped, and there are some amazing views besides. It's a truly wonderful thing looking out of the window as you're flying through the air—speeding on the way to your destination, yet the world outside seems quiet and unmoving. These were some of my favorite photos taken by readers and included with the article. So brilliant.

from NYTimes.com

karlie continues

lachlan bailey for 25 Magazine/ Spring 2010 from Fashion Gone Rogue

"Russian Dolls" by Tim Walker for Vogue UK / October 2010 from Front Row View

"Born in the USA" by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue UK / May 2010 from Prada and Eve