your heart will fly away

will I ever get over skater boys?

not if they keep helping me romanticize them like this!

thanks molly c. for the enabling


subtle thirds

delicate pink, goody clip, lashes, buttoned-up, soft green, sherbert nails, rug coat

not to mention, a good picture in thirds

from the sartorialist


sex, hastily, then beignets

Do you read the awl?

You should.

They publish frequently about bears, the attention-seeking moon, as well as things I already knew but am happy to have confirmed. They even write about things I should know but am embarrassed to admit I do not. See what they can teach you! Maybe even, like, where the title of this post came from.

P.S. Even the paris review likes them!


"psychedelic cowgirl"

kasia and charlotte participate in a "ziggy stardust rodeo"

halloween is just around the corner, right?

from Interview, March 2011 by Craig McDean via fashiongonerogue