These are a few things that I do whenever I am feeling like Grumpy McGrumperson, that ideally make me feel a bit better:

1. Watch Maru, because honestly this cat gets me EVERY time.

2. Take a bath or a shower. Water is like a magic drug that makes everything disappear. And it's not illegal like some other magic drugs that might have that very same effect.

3. Watch Step Up 2: The Streets. Yeah I know this is lame, but I absolutely love this movie, and nobody, not even me knows why. Is it Andie's proclivity for shirts from a 1999 Britney Spears' music video? Talk of apple-bottom jeans and them boots with the fur? The fact that I actually paid to see this movie in theatres, in Harlem (which is totally more "street" than... anywhere?) and drank sangria out of a Nalgene and then dropped my friend's mini cast-iron pan in the bathroom and broke it? Maybe, but we can't be sure! It does make me happier though, so thanks Mr. Chu!

4. Play pretend life at fun sites like net-a-porter.com and brownsfashion.com and pick out what I would buy if I could! Sometimes, however, this backfires and makes me less happy by reminding me that I will never own this, this, or these.

5. And a new one! Read Dinosaur Comics. Published every day T-Rex and friends never fail to make me laugh. And of course, remind me that if I were T-Rex I could just stomp on things I didn't like. Ah well, in another life perhaps?

6. I almost forgot! Watch Arrested Development or 30 Rock. Because I identify a bit too strongly with both George Michael and Liz Lemon.

So, this post was obviously inspired that I have been grumpy and repeating numbers 1-6 instead of posting like a real "blogger." But I promise that coming soon there will be more better posts. Yep, take that grammar. I already used the subjunctive once in this post (although admittedly, it was probably wrong. Blurgh.) and so that about fills my grammar quotient for the day. Take that private education!


excuse me, but I was told there would be mermaids.

All Photos from Nylon 

So I don't want to sound ungrateful, but McQueen promised some mermaids-as-inspiration in his McQ Target diffusion line and I am not seeing any mermaid influence. Which doesn't mean that I won't be going all week just before the collection is released to see if it has accidently been put on the floor already. I totally will be because I see some awesome cropped pants, a questionably fantastic black vest (but aren't vests always questionable?), and a jumpsuit! So despite the serious lack of mermaid, I am very excited for March to arrive, bringing McQ with it.

I remember like two years ago, I said something to the effect of: "Who would ever in their right mind wear a jumpsuit." It wasn't even a question. Just a statement, because I knew that no one ever would wear one. So I must be in my wrong mind these days, because I am constantly lusting after jumpsuits. They're totally impractical - I mean who wants to be shirtless in a public bathroom? Also, they aren't exactly flattering on my shorty short self. I keep trying to wear them though. Luckily I have only added one to my permanent collection, and that one also manages to incorporate drop-crotch/aladdin/harem/turkish/MC Hammer pants into the mix as well. Had you dared me to wear this two years, and then said you would give me some monies too, I probably still wouldn't have worn it. So it just goes to show you, predict trends by whatever shit you would refuse to wear RIGHT NOW.


um... so.... yeah...

I feel like that is what my computer says to me EVERY time I try to do ANYTHING. It is getting too filled up with music and pictures and probably even... work! Crazy, I know. But anyway, this translates into having the world's slowest computer. I am working on getting hard drive to move some things around, so hopefully I won't nearly crash my computer, just by trying to open a Word file.

Also: I had grand plans to take pictures of the glorious things that I wear every day and share them. However I have discovered that:

1) I am too embarassed to ask anyone to take pictures of me all the time.
2) I have no tripod/good place to rest my camera on top of while I run and get in place before the self-timer goes off.
3) My camera is almost as old as my computer, and misbehaves even worse.
4) I might wear the same thing all the time, and so documenting it could be boring.

So until I procure a new camera, or get a little more ballsy, we will just have to suffice with me telling you what I am wearing today. So today I wore Target black skinny jeans with zippers on the ankles, my extra big green and white and pink plaid shirt, my LL Bean Maine Hunting boots, black Banana Republic wrap sweater. Which is an outfit I wore at least four times while I was at home, so yeah, see #4 above.

And so for right now, I will leave you with this picture of the ceiling at the New York Public Library on Bryant Park, because it was super cold, cloudy and snowy all day today and I miss the Colorado Sky!


lace - ups

Look at these cool kids and their matching kicks! I took this at a club in Buenos Aires, and judging from the music it was bad 90's rock night or something, but these two emo kids were rocking the skinny jeans and matching sneakers look anyway.

The matchy-matchiness sorta reminds me of when in 4th grade I totally HAD to have these weird ass Nike basketball shoes that said NIKE really big all along the side of the shoe, just because these other two girls who I thought were really cool had them. I don't think I actually got them, but I do think I thought the world might end if I didn't. Here's to hoping that I'm above that type of influence these days (but secretly thinking the world might end if I don't get white lowtops with black laces to wear with my black skinny jeans.)


because this embedding thing is easier than I thought


If memory serves me correctly, pancakes were the first thing that I really learned how to cook - and I am not including quesadillas and the like in here because honestly, anyone can push a button on the toaster oven. Incidentally, penguins were also my favorite animal for a while. So obviously this would have been favorite show ever, replacing Zoobalizoo! Craziness I know. So first up, here's Pingu:

And here is the ONLY evidence  of Zoobalizoo that I could find after a cursory search of the internets. Creepier than I remembered:

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from vicemag.com