Here's to another stupid day. At least it's a stupid Friday.

I like to think that music posts are not as self-serving as other posts where I wax unpoetically about things I like. Here, I am also helping you out by sharing some sweet tunes for your ears. But maybe you don't think they're sweet. That's your problem, I guess... not mine. Whatever. Jia Tolentino is more or less my favorite human being because she shares too much good, new music. So follow her or follow me. My posts are her posts. Again, whatever. Here are some different jams for some different feelings.

Listen to this one if you want to feel good, like YEAH! It IS Friday!:

Listen to this one if you want to feel confused: like YEAH, this song is so good, but it's making me feel bad about my past, present and future options:

Listen to this one if you just want to wallow in your sadness and it being Friday is not even helping:

(via The Hairpin)

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